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In India , donkeys, camels ,bull, pony, elephants and horses are using to carry heavy goods and laguage. most of the donkeys and pony are carry the briks,send and working in the field of the building construction. while camels and bulls are pulling the carts which fully loaded with irons, steel and heavy machines in the industrial area. some vegetables and fruits vendor use the bulls to pull the cart and moving in the different area for saleing vegetables. Elephants are basically use in the religious , weeding purposes.

Really in india working aniamls life is very miserable. in india no any special veterinarian for cattle’s and large animals. somany homeless cows are moving on the raods and without food they are suffering a lot

ASHA foundation is providing free treatment, vaccines for the working animals .we keep a records for all working animals.
we help to the owner of the animals and trying to aware it.
In ahmedabad city no any hospital for large animals and only asha foundation is the shelter and hospital for them.

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