Animal Care Center
Call Animal Helpline : For Ahmedabad - +91-98798 77281, 98253 17707 For Gandhinagar - +91-9712722722, 90337 22722
About The sterilization Project
- Catching the street Dogs
- About the Sterilization Procedures
- Expenditure of the Funds
- Dog Populations
- The Government`s Contribution
The Save Bird Project
Anti-Rabies Vaccine Project
Wild Animals and Birds Project
Working Animal project
Area Name South part Laladrawja
  Population 6000
  East part Approx. 75000
  North part 65000
  West part 15000
Some dogs also live in the suburb area of the city known as "New Ahmedabad". Around 20000 residents of the city also keep dogs as pets, whether in the home, farm houses, hotels, schools or companies. Whilst these dogs are well looked after on the whole, there are often cases of abandonment, simply increasing the street dog population.
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