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Jagdish Bhai, a trained nurse with 20 years animal experience, performs the operations. Before the surgery he examines the animals and pre-medicates them with Siquil (Triflupromazine Hydrochloride injection). The dogs are then anaesthetized with I.V. Thiopentone or occasionally Diazepam and Ketamine.
Before surgery, all instruments are sterilized in an autoclave and dogs are cleaned and shaven. The male castration takes around 20 minutes and the bitch sterilization (tube-tying) takes around 30 minutes.
After surgery, Meloxicam is given for pain-relief. The dogs also receive antibiotics: usually Ceftriaxone. Male dogs are kept in the kennels for 2-3 days and females for 3-4. Before being released they are given an anti-rabies vaccine and their ears are cut to mark which dogs have been sterilized.
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